Résumé Martineau et coll. (2020b)

Référence complète

Martineau, S., Gascon, L., Saltychev, M., Rahal, A., Marcotte, K., & Moubayed, S. (2020). French translation and validation of the Synkinesis Assessment Questionnaire. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences / Journal Canadien Des Sciences Neurologiques, 1-15.

RÉSUMÉ (en anglais)

Synkinesis is a distressing sequela of peripheral facial palsy (PFP). This study aimed to translate and validate the Synkinesis Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), a reliable patient-reported outcome evaluation tool for synkinesis, in French.

The SAQ was translated following a standard forward-backward translation procedure. After a cognitive debriefing with 10 PFP patients, the SAQ-F was assessed amongst 50 patients for internal consistency, known-group validity, construct validity, criterion validity and test-retest reliability.

Results demonstrated that the SAQ-F was valid, reliable and had a unidimensional structure. The SAQ-F should be accompanied by clinician-based scales, to provide valuable additional information on the severity of synkinesis.

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