Publication Boucher, Brisebois et coll. (2021)

Référence complète

Johémie Boucher, Amélie Brisebois, Antoine Slegers, Melody Courson, Marianne Désilets-Barnabé, Anne-Marie Chouinard, Véronika Gbeglo, Karine Marcotte and Simona Maria Brambati. (2021). Picture description of the Western Aphasia Battery Picnic scene: Reference data for the French-Canadian population. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology.

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RÉSUMÉ (en anglais)

Purpose: The main aim of the current study is to provide French-Canadian reference data for quantitative measures extracted from connected speech samples elicited by the Western Aphasia Battery-Revised (WAB-R) Picnic scene, a discourse task frequently used in clinical assessment of acquired language disorders.

Method: Our sample consisted of 62 healthy French-Canadian adults divided in two age groups: a 50 to 69 y.o. group and a 70 – 90 y.o. group.

Results: High inter-rater reliability scores were obtained for most of the variables. Most connected speech variables did not demonstrate an age effect. However, the 70 – 90 y.o. group produced more repetitions than the 50 to 69 y.o. group and displayed reduced communication efficiency (number of information content units per minute).

Conclusions: These findings contribute to building a reference dataset to analyze descriptive discourse production in clinical settings.

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